I Asked a Java Champion: What Is the Biggest Problem That Professional Java Developers Are Facing Today?

I have attended the workshop that is organized by the ITKonekt. The workshop was about efficient coding practices for best performance in Java. Java Champion Victor Rentea did a great job explaining all java internals, tools, hibernate, threads, collections, garbage collections, and much more. It was very enjoyable to learn from him and I decided to ask him the question:

What is the biggest problem that professional Java developers are facing today?

His initial answer was: “Not writing enough Java. They write Kubernetes scripts, dev-ops scripts, python scripts…”

My understanding of this is that those people are very experienced developers. He also mentioned that this is what his colleagues are working on currently. But if you are just starting your career, he has advice for you:

  • If you are starting a career, then you should learn the language and frameworks that you are using. You should master the language and frameworks. This is the first challenge.
  • Don’t be disgusted by the front-end technologies, try to be full stack after you master Java. This is after you are comfortable with Java. Go a bit full stack, not “full full” stack, but “just a bit” full stack.
  • Try to learn more about what surrounds you. Learn some other language. Kotlin is a good one.
  • Learn dev ops. Try to learn a bit of everything.

He also gave me this advice:

As long as you are surrounded by people smarter than you, you are good. And as long as you love to work with your team, you are good. Doesn’t matter project or technology, it can be a terrible legacy system. If you have super cool surroundings and you keep learning and you keep having fun, it’s perfect.

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Victor is a great trainer and one of the best presenters. You can find him at the following links:

  1. Web site victorrentea.ro you can find a blog, some recorded talks, plus other goodies.
  2. Bucharest-software-craftsmanship-community (3000+ developers).
  3. Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook.
  4. Victor’s YouTube Channel there is more recorded and live content, including coding katas, past meetups, and more.

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